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Inns and taverns have always been an integral part of the history of Norwich's Market Place. Over the years many have come and gone. Here we have looked at pubs trading when this map was produced in 1884. Even at this time there were over 25 hosteleries in the vicinity. In the 1920s and '30s many were closed "under Compensation" as city centre licenses were transferred to public houses in the newly built suburbs. Others were destroyed either in the war or demolished to make way for the new Market Place, City Hall or other developments.
Norwich mapp 1884
Albion Tavern Norwich MarketAlbion Tavern Norwich MarketAlbion Tavern 31, Market Place
Baron of Beef Norwich MarketBaron of Beef Norwich MarketBaron of Beef 32, Market Place
Beaconsfield Arms Norwich MarketBeaconsfield Arms / Church Stile Norwich MarketBeaconsfield Arms formerly Church Stile Pudding Lane
Beehive Norwich MarketBeehive Norwich MarketBeehive 7, St Peters Street
Black Prince Norwich MarketBlack Prince Norwich MarketBlack Prince 41, Market Place
Club Tavern Norwich MarketOld Post Office CourtThe Club House Tavern Old Post Office Court
Eldon Stores Norwich MarketEldon Stores Norwich MarketEldon Stores 2, Bethel Street
Fruiterer Pub Norwich MarketFruiterers Arms Norwich MarketThe Fruiterers Arms 2-4 White Lion St.
George Dragon Norwich MarketGeorge Dragon Norwich MarketGeorge Dragon Haymarket
Curriers Arms Norwich MarketCurriers Arms Norwich MarketCurriers Arms 16, St Giles Street
Guildhall Stores Norwich MarketGuildhall Stores Norwich MarketGuildhall Stores Gaol Hill
Half Moon Tavern Norwich MarketHalf Moon Tavern Norwich MarketHalf Moon Tavern 38, Market Place
Kings Arms Norwich MarketKings Arms Norwich MarketKings Arms 5, Bethel Street
Kings Head Norwich MarketKings Head Norwich MarketKings Head 10, Davey Place
Market Stores Norwich MarketMarket Stores Norwich MarketMarket Stores 22, Haymarket
Jenny Lind Public House, Norwich MarketJenny Lind, Public House, Norwich MarketJenny Lind 20, Market Place
Popes Head Norwich MarketPopes Head Norwich MarketPopes Head Popes Head Yard
Punch Bowl Norwich MarketPunch Bowl Norwich MarketPunch Bowl 37, Market Place
The Raven Public House Norwich MarketThe Raven Public House Norwich MarketRaven Tavern 1, St Giles Street.
Royal Exchange Norwich MarketRoyal Exchange Tavern Norwich MarketRoyal Exchange 44, Market Place
Royal Hotel Norwich MarketRoyal Hotel Norwich MarketRoyal Hotel 16, Gentleman's Walk
Sir Garnet Worlsey Norwich MarketSir Garnet Worlsey Norwich MarketSir Garnet Wolseley 36, Market Place
Star Inn Norwich MarketStar Inn, Norwich MarketStar Inn 23, Haymarket
Suffolk Hotel Norwich MarketSuffolk Hotel Norwich MarketSuffolk Hotel 33, Market Place
Two Necked Swan Norwich MarketTwo Necked Swan Norwich MarketTwo Necked Swan 42, Market Place
Walnut Tree Shades Norwich MarketWalnut Tree Shades Norwich MarketWalnut Tree Shades Old Post Office Court
Waterloo Norwich MarketWaterloo Tavern  Norwich MarketWaterloo Tavern 43, Market Place
Wheatsheaf Norwich MarketWheatsheaf Norwich MarketWheatsheaf 14, Bethel Street
White Hart Norwich MarketWhite hart Norwich MarketWhite Hart Haymarket
White Horse Norwich MarketWhite horse Norwich MarketWhite Horse Haymarket
White Lion Norwich MarketWhite Lion Norwich MarketWhite Lion 10, White Lion Street
White Swan Norwich MarketWhite Swan Norwich MarketWhite Swan Haymarket
Wounded Hart Norwich MarketWounded Hart Norwich MarketWounded Hart 17, St Peter Street