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BBC Voices is a media production unit based at The Forum in Norwich. We work across film, music and radio offering courses and workshops to the public, free of charge.
In early 2005, before the market was modernised BBC Voices interviewed many of the Norwich Market stallholders. To see the resulting video clips pass your cursor over the market stall numbers. A small thumbnail photograph and short narrative will appear. To see the video and find out more about that stall or stallholder click the number.
norwich market stalls
No 2Mr_Hale the fishmongerStalls 2/3: Mike was a fisherman by trade and after working from Lowestoft for 36 years he took over his market stall. There is no typical day for Mike who prides himself on the freshness and variety of the fish he sells.
No 4Mr_Mann the fishmongerStall 4: For many years visitors to Norwich have enjoyed eating shellfish from Kate’s take away fish stall.
No 5 SnellingNo 5 Snelling the fishmonger Stall 5: Snelling's Fishmongers is a family business established in 1918. The current owner, Malcolm, has enjoyed worked on the market since the late 1950s. Over the years he has seen a huge shift in the way his customers buy fish - but Friday is still his busiest day.
No 6 ReidNo 6 Reid sells photographsStalls 6/7 :Reid's Photography offers a range of photgrraphic goods and services to its customers.
No 9 WoodsNo 9 Woods Watches Stalls 9 - 12 :The Woods family sell an eclectic selection of wares from watches to model cars
No 13No 13 SpantonStalls 13,22 & 23:Jane Spanton has worked on her stall since 1986 supplying leather goods and bags. She loves sourcing special items for her customers & the sheer variety of bags she is able to supply.
No 14Richard Anderson Clothes SellerStalls 14 - 17 : The stall was started by Ron Anderson in the 1950s who built his trade on the back of Government supplies. Richard, joined his father in the early 1980s and very much enjoys meeting his customers – but not the cold weather.
No 18No 18 WormanStall 18:Andrew Worman has been making beautiful leather items for his stall since the early 1970s. All the goods on the stall are made by Andrew in his workshop. He enjoys the freedom of working on the market, and of course you never know who will visit!
No 24No 24 James Stall 24/25: Linda James has operated her stall since the early 1980s selling both underwear & nightwear. She enjoys the camaraderie of working on the market.
No 24No 26 BrightenStall 26:After running a fruit & veg stall for 27 years Paul Brighton started selling household goods in 2003. He enjoys selling ever changing stock including “Dolls” that cover your vacuum cleaner.
No 27No 27 WilsonStall 27:Jason Wilson's great grandparents originally set up the fruit & veg stall in the 1920s. Jason started work here when he was six and sees it as a way of life. He enjoys talking to his customers but not the cold!
No 28 SmithNo 28 SmithStall 28:The Smiths have run their sweet stall since the early 1980s and are delighted to meet the children (and even the grandchildren) of their early customers.
No 30 OestreNo 30 OestreStall 30/31: Tim runs Eostre’s organics selling a range of organic fruit & veg and other foods including bread & cheese.
No 32 HunterNo 32 HunterStalls32/33 :Mick Hunter specialises in selling ladies knitware. The majority of his customers are over 60 with some in their 90s.
No 32 AllanNo 34 Allan Stalls 34/35/40/41:Lewis Allan set up the internet café on the market in response to demand. The central location being ideal for visitors to the city.
No 36 PeelNo 36 PeelStalls 36/37:In 1977 Malcolm Peel set up his stall selling “Media products.” His stock includes vinyl records, cassettes, DVDs and associated books and magazines. His customers have included Bill Bryson, Annie Lennox & Eric Sykes.
No 38 HuntNo 38 Hunt mens and boys clothing stallStalls 38, 39, 56, 57 : The Hunt family have run this stall since the mid 1960s selling mens & boys clothing . They enjoy the community spirit in the market.
No 42Gareth Butcher herb & spice stallStalls 42/43:Gareth Butcher took over his herb and spice stall at the end of the 1970s. He particularly enjoys sourcing unusual items for customers and meeting the needs of Norwich’s ethnic community.
No 44Mr Jackson Reggae musicStall 44: Edward set up his stall selling reggae music in 2002. His clients range from Djs to “older collectors.” He describes his time on the market as “the best years of my life.” The worst part is being asked to turn his music down (so just like home!)
No 47 ReadMike Read Fruit and VegStall 47: Mike Read started work on the fruit & veg stall when he was 12. When the owner Sid Lucas retired he took over the ownership and thoroughly enjoys his days especially in the summer. His wide range of suppliers include local market gardeners.
No 48 MooreNo 48 Moore Sports GearStalls 48/49/66 : Gary Moore sells sportswear, specialising in football shirts & caps. Shirts from foreign teams are especially popular..
No 50 BlockNo 50 Mr block China GoodsStalls 50/51/64/65:The Block family took over the China stall in the late 1990s.They sell china ceramics (from Stoke on Trent) plus a range of gift items some of which they decorate themselves. Their main customers are tourists.
No 52 MusketChris Musket Stals 52/53/62/63/64:Chris Hanbury’s stall, sells “ethnic goods ” which range from incense to didgeridoos and incense to pipes. Being a specialist supplier Chris has customers visit him form across the county. He enjoys the freedom of working on the market.
No 54 CarraraChris Musket Head shopStall54/55 : Joe & his girlfriend run Jozo’s refreshment stall. They very much depend on their regulars to whom they sell a range of tasty dishes including the traditional full English breakfast and doorstep toast topped with cheese and onions.
No 58 BakerMr Baker Foam shopStalls 58/59 : Dale Baker first worked on the market in 1966 at the tender age of 7. He now sells foam & rubber items e.g.cushions & beanbags. He enjoys the fact that every day is different & the freedom of being self employed.
No 60 PotterMrs Potters hair salonStall 60 : After leaving the NHS Miriam set up “Mims Haircare” selling a range of hair related products. For her the best part of working on the market is being surrounded by people..
No 67 SwingerMr Swinger sells bagsStalls 67/68/69 : Ray Stanger's family have sold luggage on their market stall since his grandfather set up the stall in the early 1950s. Ray has worked here since the 1980s and particularly enjoys the fact that his fellow stallholders are like his extended family.
No 72 GroomMr Swinger sells bags Stall 72 : After learning his trade in Australia, Darren Groom set up his coffee stall in 2003. During the day he serves a variety of customers but he particularly enjoys the banter of his fellow stallholders.
No 74 ArthurtonNorman ArthurtonStall 74/75/80 : After giving up the butchery trade Norman Arthurton took over Harry’s place which is renowned for its bacon rolls. The stall has been particularly poplular with the construction workers who built Chapelfield and the Forum.
No 76 EdmundsJennifer EdmundsStall 76 : On her family history stall Jennifer Edmunds helps customers investigate their own personal histories.
No 77Mr. Nixon Clothes seller Stall 77/78 :Leonard Nixon set up his market stall, selling miscellaneous menswear, in 1972 after leaving Boulton and Paul. For him the best part of working on the market is the fresh air.
No 77 FryerThe Fryers make cakes Stall 79 : The Fryers set up their homemade cake & pastry service in 1939 selling a range of delicacies from pork pies to shortbread.
No 81 FitzjohnSarah Fitzjohn hog roastStall 81 : Sarah Fitzjohn has run Henry’s hog roast since 1995. Customers return again and again to buy roasted pork,complete with crackling, beef and baked potatoes. She finds working on the market like being part on one big happy family.
No 82 BakerBakers butcher stallStalls 82/83/92/93: John Walpole has worked on Baker’s Butcher stall since 1960. They pride themselves on selling high quality, locally sourced meat products.
No 84 VirgoBakers butcher stallStalls 84/91/104 : Janice Virgo sells a whole range of items for men & Women including : socks, underwear, hats, gloves & scarves. She loves her happy working environment especially as she always has someone to talk to!
No 86 Gaymernick Gaymer The toolboxStalls 86/86 :The Toolbox was established in the mid 1970s. Nick Gaymer took it over in 2003. He enjoys working outside and being able to help his customers.
No 88 PondPond flower stallStalls 88/89: The Pond family have run a floristry business for over 100 year. Alex Pond has worked here “on & off” for 30 years. He now sells a beautiful range of flowers, plants and related sundries.
No 90 TaylorTaylor Fruit and Veg stallStalls 90/105 : Melvyn Taylor started working on the market in 1972 on the fruit & veg stall established by his father in the 1960s. He prides himself on supplying as much local produce as possible.
No 94 ButcherButcher Chip stallStalls 94/95 :The Butcher family have had a fish & chip stall on the market since 1952. The current owner Robert enjoys serving both his regular customers & tourists.
No 96 ClaxtonClaxton refreshment stallStall 96 Kate first worked on Ruby’s Refreshment stall during her gap year & stayed! She really enjoys working here and meeting her customers although the extremes of weather can be a challenge.
No 100 LovettLovett light refreshmentsStalls 100/101 : Richard Lovett supplies light refreshments from his market stall. He enjoys working here and describes it as “a laugh a minute”
No 102 PickeringPickering ButcherStalls 102/103 : On his market stall Bryan Pickering supplies a range of speciality meat products including a huge variety of sausages, dry cured meats and traditional items e.g. pork cheese.
No 106 McLeishMcLeish Card stallStalls 106/7 "Events,"the card stall on the front of the market, supplies a range of cards, gift wrappings & associated items for all occasions.
No 108 ConoleyConoley Jewellery stallStalls 108/109 : Peter Conoley learnt his trade at Hatton Garden & now runs a jewellery stall. Here he not only sells & repair jewellery but also makes bespoke pieces for his customers.
No 110 HamburyHambury Ethnic goods stallStall 110 : After a short time on Bury St Edmund Market Simon Hanbury set up his stall in 2000 selling ethnic goods. Although his stall normally appeals to the “youth culture” some of his customers are over 60
No 114 HowesLucy Howes chip stallStall 114 – Lucy’s Traditional Chips
No 115 AdcockAnita Adcock mushy peas stallStall 115 : The Adcock family set up their mushy pea stall just after the second world . Little did they know that into the 21st century their renowned secret recipe would attract customers from all over the world.
No 118 WalkerMurry Walker pop paraphernalia stallStalls 118/136/137/199/200:This family business was set up by Murray Walker’s grandfather in the 1940s. Since Murray took over the stock has evolved and he now sells “Rock & Pop” paraphernalia. Murray is proud to work on the oldest market in the country.
No 120 ClarkeNigel Clarke refreshment stallStalls 120/121 : Nigel Clarke has worked on his refreshment stall since the mid 1990s serving both local people & tourists with high quality fast food.
No 122 CutterPaul Cutter family butcherStalls 122/123Paul Cutter has run “Paul’s Family Butcher” stall since the late 1980s. He is proud of the quality of meat he supplies & is especially renowned for game during the winter months.
No 124 StanmoreHelen stanmore mature ladies fashionStalls 124/125/130/131 : – Helen Stanmore clothing for the "more mature lady." She has worked on markets for years & can’t imagine doing anything else.
No 126 GouldLuke Gould Ladies fashionStalls 126/127/128/146/147: Since taking over the family business, selling ladies fashion clothing & footwear, Luke Gould believes he hasn’t had a dull moment.
No 132 TaylorPaula Taylor cheese stallStalls 132/3 : Paula took over "The Cheeseman" around 2000. She sells both English & Continental cheeses but where possible stocks local cheeses which cannot be bought at the supermarket. She is happy to make up cheeseboards for customers. She enjoys working on the market where she feels part of a big happy family.
No 134 CooperBarrie Cooper Vacuum cleaner stallStalls 134/135 From here Barrie Cooper sells a huge range of accessories for your vacuum cleaner & other household items . It is strongly rumoured that it doesn’t matter how obscure your needs are Barrie can always help!
No 138 EllisEllis second hand book stallStalls 138/139 : Ellis’s second hand book stall was set up in 1957. It is truly a family business with mother, father & their four children all involved.
No 142 AllenKeith Allen sweet stallStalls 142/143 At Keith Allen's stall you can buy the sweets you remember from your childhood.
No 144 SavouryChristine Savoury wool stallStalls 144/145 : Christine Savoury took over her stalls selling wool & yarns in 2004. She loves every minute of being a market trader,
No 148 SilvesterJustin Sylvester pet food stallStalls 148/166/167: “Joe’s Pet Food & Fishing Tackle Stall” was set up by Justin Sylvester’s father. Here you can buy a huge range of items for your pet from toys, to leads & treats. Justin enjoys watching the word go by.
No 150 ArmitArmit china stallStalls 150/151: A range of nick knacks & ornaments can be bought on the china stall.
No 152 HarveyRay Harvey greeting cards stallStalls 152/153/162 /163: Ray Harvey is the third generation from his family to work on the market. Today Ray sells greeting cards. He enjoys the friendly atmosphere on the market.
No 154 ReadBarry Read fabric stallStalls 154/155 /160/161:Barry Read has sold fabrics & associated items on his market stall since the late 1960s. Although he enjoys his work he doesn’t like miserable rainy days.
No 158 FosterBarry Foster footwear stallStall 158 : After working in the construction industry in 2003 Barry Foster took over his market stall, selling footwear & associated items. He has always worked outside and is happy to still do so.
No 169 SinghSheri Singh Asian garments stallStall 169: Kitty Sheree Singh & her husband recognised the lack of supply of Asian garments & accessories in Norwich & have moved in to fill the gap. Additionally Kitty’s husband provides a tailoring & alteration service.
No 170 Paul ZachariadesPaul Zachariades barber shopStall 170: Paul Zachariades has run Kojaks barber shop since the late 1990s. The market allowed him to set up a city centre salon without incurring huge overheads.
No 171 PierceCarol Black Jewellery stallStalls 171/184/185 : On Olivia’s jewellery stall not only can you buy a large range of watches & jewellery (some of it manufactured by the owners) but you can also have both items repaired & be pierced!
No 172 LancasterChris Lancaster gift stallStalls 172/172/182/183: Not only does Chris Lancaster sell a range of goods including newspapers, gifts & souvenirs but he is also a wedding photographer. For him one of the best things about being a stall holder is the banter he enjoys with other stall holders.
No 176 DaySimon Day ladies fashion stallStalls 176/177/178/189: This ladies fashion stall was set by Simon Day’s father in the early 1970s. Although the hours are long Simon enjoys working on the market.
No 186 Cary Miriam Bowen on Cary’s flower stallStalls 186/187:Miriam Bowen has worked on Cary’s flower stall since the late 1940s. Her grandfather & parents originally set it up & it is now run by herself & her brother. In the early days it was impossible to stock flowers in the winter so instead the Cary’s sold vegetables.
No 193 ReidShane Reid shoe repair and key cutting stallStalls 193/194:The “Toe & Heel” shoe repair & key cutting stall was set up by Shane Reid’s father. Shane enjoys working in the family business. He especially likes meeting customers & being in the fresh air
No 196 WalkerSimon Walker electrical goods stallStall 196: – Simon Walker's grandparents & parents have had market stalls, so the work is very much in his blood. Simon sells electrical goods & for him the main attraction is the hustle & bustle of the market place.
No 201 CosseyOlga Cossey
fancy goods stallStalls 201/202: – Olga Cossey's electrical & fancy goods stall was originally set up by her husband’s parents. She enjoys the fact that life on the market is so sociable.
No 203 TurnerNatasha Cox ladies casual stallStalls 203/204: When Natasha Cox's father ran his market stall he sold fruit & veg, however, she decided to switch to ladies casual wear which she very much enjoys selling.