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Sir Garnet Wolsey Norwich pub The Raven (officially The Raven Stores) was first licensed in 1841.

According to John Riddington Young, in the years before the Second World War it was a fashionable hostelry where gentleman would meet to play Billiards in the upstairs room. Unless you were a barmaid or the Landlady it was a definite man only zone.

It is rumoured that the cellars link with a labyrinth of underground tunnels which lead to St Giles' Gate. Although this is unsubstantiated, the groined vaults below the original building are reputed to be the deepest in the city to the extent that when dray horse brought beer, the draymen had to bring special ropes, 50% longer than the norm to lower the barrels into the tavern's vaults.

Raven 2010

The pre - war photgraph (left) taken by George Plunkett in 1936 was taken before it was severely damaged during the Norwich Blitz on the evenings of 27th/29th April 1942. Interestingly following the bombing a beautiful gable believed to date from c1450 was revealed. The building was closed for less than two years and recommenced trading on 11th April 1944.They continued to operate in the remnants of the building until c1955 when the premises were rebuilt. After which it continued to trade as The Raven until 1985 after which it reopened as Refreshers. In October 2009 it was further reincarnated as an Italian Restaurant (picture right)