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1950s Norwich

NOW AVAILABLE - Norwich in the 1950s From Austerity to Prosperity

Those who lived in Norwich through the years 1945 to 1960 have memories that range from prefabs to Teddy boys, from dancing at the Samson & Hercules to seeing the Canaries’ FA Cup run of 1959. They recall a manufacturing city where workers made shoes, chocolates and mustard. It was a time when roads were dominated by bicycles rather than cars and war-damaged buildings were being repaired. Jobs were plentiful, new schools were opened and new-fangled electrical goods were freeing women from the drudgery of housework.
But the story of the City is about more than events, it is also about the individuals who witnessed a remarkable time. It is about young men who went to war, children who played on bomb sites and teenagers who witnessed the birth of rock ’n’ roll. Ordinary people who saw a city rebuild itself: citizens who were on a journey that took them from austerity to prosperity.