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The Clare School 1907 - 2023
Making Every Day Special
Clare School 1907 - 2023


The Clare School is described by Ofsted as: ‘A magical place, filled with joy and happiness, fun and laughter.’ This is much deserved praise for Norwich’s oldest surviving special school. It is a far cry from 1907 when an experimental special-needs class was first set up within the Colman Road School. Newly researched log books completed by successive heads chart the school’s development from its early days. Here they are combined with contemporary reports and interviews with former pupils to give an intriguing insight into how and why education for children with special needs has evolved in Norwich. It illustrates the progress that has been made in both attitude and provision. It also outlines what more needs to be done.

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The Days of the Norwich Trams
Transforming Streets, Transforming Lives
The Yeoman 1969 - 2019 cover
Explore the
impact on
Norwich streets
and people

Trams first ran in Norwich in 1900. Greeted with awe as a technological wonder, they not only revolutionised travel but also radically changed the City as streets were widened, buildings demolished and the tracks installed.

Combining newspaper articles, anecdotes, photographs and contemporary documents, the book vividly illustrates the pivotal role trams played in both the development of Norwich and the lives of its people. It is so much more than the story of a vehicle: it is the story of how that vehicle transformed our City.

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Norwich 1945 - 1960
From austerity to Prosperity
The story of Norwich in the 1950s cover
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Finalist 2017
Those who lived in Norwich through the years 1945 to 1960 have memories that range from prefabs to Teddy boys, from dancing at the Samson & Hercules to seeing the Canaries’ FA Cup run of 1959. They recall a manufacturing city where workers made shoes, chocolates and mustard. It was a time when roads were dominated by bicycles rather than cars and war-damaged buildings were being repaired. Jobs were plentiful, new schools were opened and new-fangled electrical goods were freeing women from the drudgery of housework. But the story of the City is about more than events, it is also about the individuals who witnessed a remarkable time. It is about young men who went to war, children who played on bomb sites and teenagers who witnessed the birth of rock ’n’ roll. Ordinary people who saw a city rebuild itself: citizens who were on a journey that took them from austerity to prosperity.

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The Old Courts and Yards of Norwich
The old courts and yards of Norwich cover
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Finalist 2015
For some the old courts and yards were the worst hell-holes in Norwich and needed to be razed to the ground. For others they contained historic buildings and vibrant neighbourhoods which should have been preserved. Who was right? At the turn of the 20th century more than 10% of Norwich’s population lived in the old courts and yards. Where were they located? What happened to them? Where did the people move when they were demolished? Should they have been preserved? What was it really like to live there? Combining contemporary reports, newspaper articles and most importantly the views and memories of people who lived in Norwich in the 1930s, this book tells the fascinating history of the old courts and yards. It is an account which is about so much more than bricks and mortar, it is also the story of the communities and individuals who called them home.

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The Story of the Norwich Boot and Shoe Trade
The story of the Norwich Boot and Shoe Trade cover
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Winner 2013
In the years leading up to WWII the Norwich boot and shoe trade employed over 10,000 people, a staggering 15% of the total workforce, making it the City’s premier industry. Firms such as: P. Haldinstein & Son, Edwards & Holmes the Norvic Shoe Co. and Sexton Son & Everard were all forces to be reckoned with. Yet by the end of the century these mighty companies along with many of their competitors had floundered and failed. This raises many questions. Not least of which is: Why? But it is also important to ask: What was it like working in the shoe factories? What shoes were made? Who were the major companies? What is their legacy? The best people to answer such questions are those who worked in the factories. Here their fascinating commentaries have been interweaved with archive material, photographs, contemporary newspaper reports to tell the engrossing story of the Norwich boot and shoe trade. An industry which for many years was the ‘Heart and “Sole” of the City’

Price including postage and packing in UK and N.I. £12

Norwich Pubs and Breweries
Norwich Pubs and Breweries cover
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Finalist 2012
For centuries Norwich’s pubs and breweries have been an integral part of the City’s life. Even today few places contain the diverse range of hostelries that are located here. This book combines anecdotes, photos and facts to tell their story through to the present day. Recollections from landlords, artists, brewery workers and entertainers bring the past alive. Encompassing hundreds of years of history and over 400 pubs, inns and taverns the book provides a compelling insight into a fascinating subject in 240 pages.

Price including postage and packing in UK and N.I. £15

The Yeoman 1969 - 2019
The Yeoman 1969 - 2019 cover
A short history of the Yeoman Kinsman sailing boat

In 1969 the first Yeoman was built. This book celebrates both the boat and its owners. As with all sailing yarns it tells tales of friendships and rivalries, of successes and disasters. But most of all it tells the story of a boat that for fifty years has given both excitement and enjoyment, a boat that has been sailed around the country in all weathers. Truly, a boat for all seasons.

The book contains 64 pages of text and photographs.

Price including postage and packing in UK and N.I. £6.75

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