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1509 Henry VIII becomes King

1534 Henry declared head of Church of Eng.
1536 Beginning of dissolution of the monastries
1558 Elizabeth I becomes Queen
1588 Spanish Armada defeated by Drake
1590 Shakespeare writes his first play in London
1507 Fire destroys 40% of City’s houses
1523 City pays more taxes than any other provincial city
1531 Thomas Bilney burned at the stake
1540 St Andrews Hall bought by corporation from Henry VIII
1549 Kett’s Rebellion,20,000 rebels occupy the city
1558 Cunninghams Map: first detailed plan of City
1565 The Strangers: 40% of population Dutch, Flemish or French
1578 Elizabeth I visits Norwich
1599 Will Kemp dances from London to Norwich
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1605 Guy Fawkes faills to blow up Parliament
1619 Harvey discovers blood circulation
1620 Pilgrims Mayflower sail for America
1642 Beginning of english civil War
1649 Charles I beheaded
1660 Restoration of Charles II
1665 Newton discovers gravity
1666 Great fire of London
1688 william of Orange succeds to throne
1698 SaveryiInvent the steam engine
1602 3000 die of the plague
1617 Cattle market moves to Castle ditches
1643 Norwich Maiden Troop fights in Civil War for Parliament
1660 Norwich is England’s Second City
1671 Charles II knights Thomas Browne in St Andrew’s Hall
1693 Old Meeting House constructed
1697 New Norwich Mint established
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1707 Act of Union between England & Scotland
1721 Robert Walpole first British PM
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie Rebellion
1785 London Times first printed
1796 Jenner introduce smallpox vaccination
1701 ‘Norwich Post’ is first provincial newspaper in England
1714 Bethel is England’s first mental hospital
1745 Assembly House built by Thomas Ivory
1756 Octagon Chapel built
1771 Norfolk & Norwich Hospital built
1775 Gurney Bank (later Barclays) founded
1790 Demolition of City Gates begins
Many of these chracters were Mayors and/or Sheriffs. For information on these roles click here
Many thanks to the Norwich Museum & Art Gallery who provided portraits of many of these Norwich personalities.