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- Wells-next-the-Sea

Wells has been a seaport since before the 14th century primarily sending grain and malt to London and importing coal from the North-East. By the end of the 16th century 19 ships over 16 tons operated out of the town, making it the major port in the area. Its high point was in the 19th century when large wooden sailing vessels were built here. It was then that the stone quay was built. Also from early days Wells was a centre for manufacturing malt. At its height the town boasted up to 12 maltings, and in 1750 produced around a third of all malt exported from the country (mainly bound for Holland): more than any other port save Yarmouth. Today the harbourside granary with its overhanging gantry (built in 1904) has become one of Wells' most distinctive features.

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