Norfolk Victorian Seaside Resorts & Fishing Villages
- Salthouse

The village name derives from its original purpose i.e. a house for storing salt, which in turn had been extracted from seawater. Its next national claim to fame was the activities of a self-made and very rich Lord of the Manor named Onesiphorus Randall. He built a rectangular castle folly on the Great Eye, a piece of high ground on the seaward side of the village, but why is far from certain. When Randall died, the life-saving Rocket Brigade in the village took over the folly and used it to store its rocket cart, and so it became known as the Rocket House. The rocket could carry a line around 100 yards out to a stricken vessel and thereby rescue endangered seamen. The building was eventually lost to the sea and today Salthouse is best known as a great base to explore the nearby wildlife on the marshes and enjoy the local produce at Cookies Crab shop.

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