Norfolk Victorian Seaside Resorts & Fishing Villages
- Cromer

For centuries Cromer had been a traditional year round fishing village, drifting for herring in the autumn and long line fishing for cod in winter. The summer, as still today, meant fishing for crabs and lobster. Cromer became a holiday resort quite early in the 19th century whilst continuing its traditional industry of fishing, such that even at the end of the 19th century, the beaches to the east and west of the pier were crowded with fishing boats. In 1883 the London journalist Clement Scott went to Cromer and began to write about the area. He named the stretch of coastline, particularly the Overstrand and Sidestrand area, 'Poppyland', and the combination of the railway and his writing in the national press brought many visitors. Cromer remains popular today with its Victorian pier still hosting a traditional 'end of the pier' show.

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