Norfolk Victorian Seaside Resorts & Fishing Villages
- Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth was first estabished as a port in Roman times. Located on the mouth of the River Yare (which connects the town to the City of Norwich) for many years vessels transported goods to and from inland centres,along this and other rivers thence to the continent. Similar to many of our coastal settlements, for years Yarmouth supported a major fishing fleet. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries herring was a major catch, until demand fell and overfished shoals became depleted. Yarmouth has operated as a seaside resort since the 18th century but it was only in 1844, when a railway opened, that the holiday industry rapidly expanded. Major infrastructure projects added to its appeal, including the Wellington Pier which opened in 1854 and Britannia Pier in 1858. The Winter Garden was first built in Torquay in 1878, but was bought by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, to be re-erected on Yarmouth’s Golden Mile in 1903. It was a highly succesful Victorian holiday destination, but that was nothing to what it would become as a booming 20th-century resort and entertainment centre.

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