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Chronicling the Development of Special Needs Schooling in Norwich

The Clare School is described by Ofsted as: ‘A magical place, filled with joy and happiness, fun and laughter.’ This is much deserved praise for Norwich’s oldest surviving special school. It is a far cry from 1907 when an experimental special-needs class was first set up within the Colman Road School. Newly researched log books completed by successive heads chart the school’s development from its early days. Here they are combined with contemporary reports and interviews with former pupils to give an intriguing insight into how and why education for children with special needs has evolved in Norwich. It illustrates the progress that has been made in both attitude and provision. It also outlines what more needs to be done.

In liason with the Clare Scholl we have documented the story of the school together with a history of special needs schooling in Norwich during the 20th century. The booklet is for sale with all proceeds going to Clare School projects supporting their students.

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Nurses at the Jenny Lind Hospital
Artwork from the Clare School pupils