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Victory in Europe Day

Festivities in Norwich took some time to warm up, but by early evening crowds had gathered on The Walk where a group of British soldiers broke the ice by flinging themselves into an impromptu dance. Very soon the road was a surging mass of servicemen and civilians dancing, chatting, singing and throwing streamers.
On the following night the celebrations continued. Major City landmarks were floodlit in a blaze of lights, thousands danced and sang on The Walk. Fully illuminated RAF Mosquitoes and American Liberators were caught in searchlights which swept the sky as they flew overhead and dropped scores of coloured flares.
Of course the celebrations extended well beyond the Market place: church bells rang, revellers descended on the City’s many dance halls and neighbours joined together to hold impromptu street parties. But what else was happening on this joyous occasion?

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Cardiff Road street party VE day 1945