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Thomas BrowneIn 1671 Charles ll viewed the city regiments from the balcony of the Guildhall. The king was hailed by “the reiterated acclamations of joy from the people, who soe filled the whole market place as his majesty’s coach had scarce room to pass”. Whilst here, he knighted Thomas Browne and dined on the first dolphin to be caught off the Norfolk coast, which had been sent to Browne for his interest and dissection.

By this time, the area around St Peter Mancroft proved attractive as a residential district and contained three-quarters of the painters and glaziers, most of the drapers and mercers, and the greater part of the city’s cutlers, goldsmiths, locksmiths and watchmakers.

In 1682, Thomas Baskerville wrote “As to Norwich, it is a great city, full of people the chief market-place of this city…. vastly full of provisions…..where I saw the greatest shamples for butcher’s meat I have ever yet seen, and the like also for poultry and dairy meats, which dairy people also bring many quarters of veal with thief butter and cheese, and I believe also in their seasons port and hog-meats…. And such kings of people as sell fish….viz. crabs , mackerell, flounders, very cheap, but lobster for sea fish and pile or jack for river fish were dear enough. Thye asked me for one pike under 2 foot, 2s and 6d and for a pot of pickles oysters they would have a shilling. Here I saw excellent oatmeal which being curiously hulled looked like French barley with great store of gingerbread and other edible things……