Old Brewery
King Street

Woodfordes modern brewery

The Connisford Brewery, which later became known as the Old Brewery, was established on King Street as early as 1563. By 1844, when the Morgan family took over the business, the purchase included 54 public houses. Under the control of the Morgans the brewery and its tied estate flourished and by 1904 the latter amounted to 600 properties. In June 1942 catastrophe struck when the brewery suffered severe bomb damage. Brewing was temporarily transferred to the Lady Bridge Brewery in King’s Lynn, owned by Morgans, until a new modern brewery could be built on the old site. In 1950 brewing recommenced in Norwich but unfortunately Morgans were unable to maintain their profitability and in September 1961 they went into voluntary liquidation. By prior arrangement they were taken over by Bullards and Steward & Patteson who shared the tied estate between them and sold the brewery to Watney Mann.

Morgan's Brewery 1974