Thomas Sotherton 1555 - 1608

Thomas Sotherton Monument

Thomas was Grandson of Nicholas Sotherton whose footsteps he followed, becoming Sheriff in 1592 and Mayor in 1596. He and his wife Frances,the widow of John Foxe of Aldeburgh, had two sons and six daughters (although only five daughters are depicted on the monument).His surviving son Augustine attained a knighthood.

He also lived in Strangers Hall









The Monument

Thomas Sotherton Monument

Thomas Sotherton Monument
The monument located in St John Maddermarket is typical of the Jacobean style and reflects the common style of depicting husband and wife kneeling at either side of a prayer desk with the couple's sons behind their father and daughters behind their mother.

Thomas's side of the monument carries his coat of Arms - interestingly Frances' side is blank. Suggesting (not too subtly) that her family was not the equal of her husbands.

The Monument carries the wonderful inscription:

" Under this cold marbell sleeps
Hee for whom even marbell weeps
So all must tread ye path that hee hath dun
And by death follow worthy Sutherton"

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What the monument tells us.

Two daughters and one son carry skulls indicating they predeceased their parents.

The obelisks on the top of the monument, which originate from the Egyptian sun worshipping symbol, represent eternal life

Both features are very typical of the Jacobean period.