Joseph Chamberlin (1712 – 1762)

Joseph Chamberlin, who was married to Sarah (1716 – 1786) was a Grocer and Mayor of Norwich who “acquired a handsome fortune”. His descendants continued in the same trade and by 1862 Chamberlin and Son were silk mercers, linen and wool drapers, haberdashers and carpet factors. The grand Chamberlin Department Store, on Guildhall Hill, became known as Norwich's answer to Harrods during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Now it is the City centre Tesco Store.

 The Monument

The monument in St Gregory has been attributed to the Ivory workshop, sculptors from the Norwich School.

Although it has not been signed it has been so attributed because of its similarity to that of Charles Mackerell (St Stephen). Both these monuments differ from the workshop's typical designs in that the central rectangular inscription panel is framed by a heavily ornamented scrolled and lugged architrave.

Click here for a readable view of the inscription which also includes: Sarah Chamberlin (1716 - 1762, wife), Sarah Carter (1739 - 1800, daughter), William Carter (1725 - 84, Son in Law) William Carter (1766 - 79, grandson) and Emily Chamberlin Carter (1761 - 1831, granddaughter in law)

What the monument tells us.

The urn represents death whilst acanthus symbolizes the heavenly garden